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    With our set designs, the fonts and styles are already set and cannot be changed. However, for our custom designs we can create and ship any design you could imagine in any colour whether it's a logo, letters or different fonts.


    For our customized orders we split them into two groups. The first group is for all the text based designs using the options on the website. The second group is for the fully custom designs where we will create what you requested and give you a quote within a 48 hour period. 


    As you can see below is our set of font styles that we can produce for you guys, which you can choose on our customized order page.  





     Please be aware that we can create almost anything you wish of. However, if none of these fonts don't meet your standards and are not to your liking please contact our team via email at and we will find our way to assist your needs and make your design the best it can.


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    Each sign come's with 2 options either - cut to shape or whole board:


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