About Neon Led Signs

Are LED neon signs easily breakable? What will they be made out of?

Our LED neon signs are not easily breakable and they are made out of food grade silicone neon flex with an acrylic as backing.

Are your LED signs safe? 

Our neon signs do not produce any heat, they are unbreakable and also energy- efficient. The material we use is a lot safer and stronger for the neon signs.

How are the Neon signs powered? 

Our neon signs all directly connect into a standard socket which will also come with a plug for each shipping country as well as a 12B transformer.

Can we use LED Neon signs outside? 

Yes, we are able to create waterproof versions for any outdoor occasions. However, you must please be specific on your application when you submit your customised order inquiry.

How long do the LED Neon signs last? 

These LED lights last a minimum duration of approximately 30,000 hours or more. This is about 3 times longer lasting compared to other neon material. Usually, if a problem occurs with the lights it is normally the transformer that has failed. However, these are very replaceable items which we can supply replacements if needed.

How safe are the LED neon signs? 

Our LED neon signs are made with only 12V which runs at a much safer voltage compared to other neon materials. Due to the low output voltage, there will be no heat that will occur on the outer surface even after a long duration of operating. This means our neon signs are extremely safe.

Does it require maintenance ? 

There is absolutely no maintenance required at all. LED is very environmentally friendly.

What does the 12 month warranty cover? 

Our 12 month warranty offers a guarantee on materials and workmanship on all of our neon signs. However, this does not apply to any damaged that has been caused due to incorrect installation or physical damage during usage.

Is there a minimum size for these neon signs? 

For letter height, our minimum size is around 10cm as letters have more of a definition at this certain size. It is possible for letters to be smaller than this but in our opinion larger letters look a lot more neater. For our sign size, the minimum size we offer is 50cm in width. You can always email our team if you have any concerns about the sizings!


What colours are available? 

 The total number of colours we offer is 9. These colours are Blue, Red, Green, Pink, White, Yellow, Orange, Cyan, and Purple. If you have any other colour in mind for our customized products only we will still create it! 

 Can you use any font or design to create an LED Neon sign?

Yes, although we have found that some fonts and designs work better than others such as script fonts. If you have any font or designs in mind that you are unsure whether it will work, we will be more than happy to assist you and give you our opinion. Just contact our team for more information on fonts and designs!

Will my Neon sign require any special installation?  

The majority of our neon signs that we sell are for internal use, which come on an acrylic panel making them easily portable. Our neon products also comes with a normal mains plug, which will allow you to plug it into an accessible plug socket. Your sign just simply needs to be fixed onto a wall or desk where you would like it to be placed. However, neon signs that are for permanent external use may require a special installation. 

What is the process for customized orders?

 You can order directly on our custom product page, or is preferred you can always email our team and we will be happy to assist you through the process!


What is the usual production time for customized orders?

 All of our orders are created by hand in our production facility with a lot of care and attention to every detail of the design. Although, when we have high demand there is usually a slight waiting list. We take care of all our orders fairly by first come first served, so there is a chance that for our hand made custom production time it could average between 2 - 4 weeks after payment. We do not rush our production as we like to keep each product at a constant high standard to impress our customers. However, you will always be updated on your product throughout the production.

 We would to make sure that you are aware that many of our shipping carriers are currently experiencing some delays due the the current pandemic, the shipping service we use and the delays that may occur are not in our hands. But we can reassure you that we will do our absolute best to ensure you get a fast precaution and delivery. 

 All of our shipping times will refer to the time it is in transit, after the product is complete and once it has left the warehouse. Shipping time is usually between 4 - 14 days, but this could change due to the country and service level chosen at checkout.

Do you ship outside of the UAE? 

Yes, we do we ship worldwide.

Any question?

If we still haven't answered your question, you can contact us support@neonhub.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.





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