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    Our Story

    Working as a team we create the most beautiful and the most affordable LED neon signs with amazing quality. We make our products to influence people to be creative and give them the freedom to design their space with our variety of outstanding neon signs. All of our signs are designed in Dubai, UAE and are available to be shipped worldwide. These products can express your feelings, moods and create more colorful brightness for any of your spaces. Our mission is to influence the feeling of happiness and excitement as well as motivate our customers to be creative and free when designing their spaces with our colorful and bright neon signs. To allow our customers to expand on their creativity we also create customized signs that will create the exact vibe they wish for to a great standard.

    How it all started

    This all started when I myself was looking for a sign for my room. After I ordered one off the internet I wasn't pleased with the quality or the amount I paid for as it was very expensive, so I decided to look more into it and decided that this all needed to change. So I made a decision to start NeonHub where I can assure you the quality of the signs are hand made to there best version with love to brighten up your space with NeonHub where you can browse through hundreds of designs or create your very own one where I can assure you that you will be impressed and satisfied.


    How it was Decided

    So this made me come up with the idea to create my own store called NeonHub to give people who admire and enjoy neon colors to be creative and free with a wider variety of different designs to choose from with nine different color options. We also have an option for our customers to customize their own neon sign that we will then create for them. We made a decision to use a acrylic board and food grade silicone neon flex as our material instead of any other neon material as we aim for our products to be long lasting and to be shipped worldwide at reasonable prices for everyone as well as to impress and satisfy our customers with how great our quality is.

    Our number one focus is to create the greatest quality products at great prices for everyone so that our customers are happy and satisfied and feel excited once their products have been ordered.

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